Thursday, 4 June 2015

Graffiti Creator App

Graffiti is not an art that is limited to streets only, with the time it has evolved as the professional art form with some great feedback from the customers. Graffiti is a kind of an art form which is a medium of people to express their feelings and regressions through colors and paints. It could be on walls or any other public property. Some people consider it as the nuisance and a serious form of vandalism. But graffiti leaves a long lasting impact on the mind of the viewer. Graffiti designs are usually very loud, vibrant and engaging. They are meant to depict the mind and thought of the creator. Graffiti is still considered as the negative part of the creativity as its creators often use public property as the space or canvas for their designs. So, people don't consider it as the respected form of art. But Graffiti is the depiction of the urban youth and their thought process. It displays their discontentment with present social norms and scenario. Graffiti is generally innocuous, lively and prolific paintings that often brightens up walls and buildings. Graffiti has enormous forms and styles but the more popular forms are tagging and Hip Hop.

Graffiti has been slowly recognised as a genuine art form. There is a difference between normal graffiti and genuine graffiti art. One of the biggest differences is the way in which the graffiti is placed and created. Instead of simply scrawling slang and badly drawn images across walls, graffiti creators will take the time to develop a style of their own. This style will set them apart and they will soon be known by the pieces of art they create. If you are a budding graffiti creator than you need to get your hands on the best spray paint.

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